A little legend was born

by Ed

Twelve days ago, five year old Toby suggested we mail one of his toys back to the UK to say “hello” to his Grandma, a small toy, that could easily fit in an envelope.

Two minutes later the building blocks were out and we hunted for all the heads, hair, hats, torsos, legs and accessories we owned. We spent an hour finding them all and making a shortlist of what we wanted our guy to look like.

Arguments followed, hats and silly hair discarded, pieces thrown, pieces swallowed, maybe even a tantrum, but another hour later, Jonty L. Henderson was born (we will leave you to work out why that is his name).

Then the idea grew some arms and legs (pun intended), why not just send him back to Scotland, lets send him to other cool places too? Unknown places, meet people and have fun. But most important of all, report back to us with photos and stories.

The boys (or Jonty’s Dads) were very excited and talked about the places he might go. Brazil, Korea, Scotland, Paris and even The North Pole were all mentioned as the boys shouted out all the places they had heard mentioned, but never been or seen.

It turns out that creating Jonty was only half the job. Since Dad is a Web Developer, they needed a cool website where Jonty could put all his photos and stories.

The boys each chose their favourite colours (Toby — ‘Hulk Green’, Jack — ‘Nice Yellow’ and Noah — ‘PUPLE!’) while Dad scratched his head at how he would get those colours to work together.

Toby chose the fonts while Jack and Noah brainstormed some names. Initially it was called Jonty’s Jaunts and we even bought the domain name for it but that was switched to something a lot simpler, something that the kids came up with and understood, Jonty’s Journey.

We hope you liked this little explanation as to how we got from a little (big) idea to this website and the World’s smallest explorer ready to depart!