First Regeneration

by Ed

Jonty has been missing for three weeks now and we are understandably very worried.

However we have just received a message from him, to say he is safe and sound. The reason for his radio silence is something we were unaware of when we first put him together.

We were unaware that Jonty was part–Timelord.

While crossing the Atlantic Ocean on his raft, he ran into trouble with a shark, taking a lethal bite to his bottom.

Rather than die, his Gallifreyan DNA kicked in and he simply regenerated.

He has spent the last couple weeks recovering, gaining strength and he has assured us that he is now 100%. He will be resuming his journey to Europe this week.

Like his distant relative, The Doctor, he looks slightly different now. Rest assured, he is still the same little Jonty on the inside.

Jonty L. Henderson — Earth’s smallest explorer, GO FIGURE!