Team Hendo HQ, Corte Madera, California, United States of America

Flag of United States of America Team Hendo HQ, Corte Madera, California, United States of America
by Toby & Ed

T minus 4 days.

Jonty waits patiently at Team Hendo HQ in California. In a matter of days he sets off on the biggest challenge of his very short existence.

Born on 24 February 2013, a result of an idea by Toby (age 5, one of his three Dads, the others are Jack & Noah), he is ready for whatever Planet Earth is going to throw at him.

Small enough to travel by more frugal means than an expensive airline seat, he is keen to see as many places in the World that he possibly can.

If you would like to host Jonty L. Henderson in your town/country/state/whatever, we would love to hear from you.

In exchange for a visit from Jonty, we ask you follow our little rules:

  • Always take care of Jonty, don't break him!
  • Be very nice to Jonty
  • Take him to see the sights of where you live (people, places, he doesn't mind, be creative)
  • Please take lots of photos of Jonty having fun
  • Please write a little diary of his adventures
  • When your time with Jonty is over, send him onto his next destination

Join Toby, Jack and Noah as they follow wee Jonty on his journey around Planet Earth. His mission, to explore our strange world, seek out cool sights and fun civilizations, to boldly go where no little man has gone before.

Jonty L. Henderson — Earth’s smallest explorer, GO FIGURE!