Jonty L. Henderson, meet the Internet

by Ed

Jonty has now had an Internet presence for five days. In that short time he has gathered a number of new followers and has setup pages on Instagram, Twitter and even Facebook!

There has been a lot of emails and messages received here at HQ, which we are working our way through. Thank you to everyone who has offered their homes and goodwill. Toby, Jack & Noah are very excited at hearing about all the places and activities Jonty has been offered to stay.

So far we have had messages/offers (amongst others) from England (Manchester, Cambridgeshire, Hampshire, Walsall, West Midlands, Bournemouth, Newcastle, Oxford, London, Exeter, Swindon, Cotswolds), Scotland (Tranent, Haddington, Edinburgh, Glasgow, Ayrshire, Prestonpans), France, Finland, Turkey, Wales (Brynna, Cardiff), Republic of Ireland (Dublin), Northern Ireland (Belfast), USA (Nevada, Rhode Island, Virginia, Connecticut, Minnesota), Channel Islands (Jersey), Belize, Mexico, Honduras, Grand Cayman, Singapore and New Zealand (Christchurch).

Jonty now has his first destination locked in and confirmed for his departure on Monday (he had a practice day with Toby, Jack & Noah on Sunday).

All will be revealed as soon as we hear from him!