The KiltWalk, Edinburgh, Scotland

Flag of Scotland The KiltWalk, Edinburgh, Scotland
by Jonty L. Henderson

I finally arrived here in Edinburgh, Scotland to spend some time with GG–Liz and GG–Eddie, they are Toby, Jack & Noah’ Grandma & Grandad.

GG–Eddie said he had a surprise for me and that we were going for a long walk (a Marathon–length walk called The KiltWalk. We were going the next day to see some of the city and he said I had to wear a Kilt! I wasn’t too sure about that but GG–Eddie said everyone else would have one on and it would be good fun!

We had to get up very early the next morning 6am and it was very cold, wet and windy. The start was at Murrayfield Stadium the home of Scottish Rugby.

Before we set off we had some photos taken and met Chris Paterson who is Scotland’s most capped player with 115 caps to his name!

Our first pit stop was Cramond (5 miles). We could see the famous Cramond Island but did not have time to walk out to it as we had to be on our way. I got my picture taken in front of it and we had a bacon roll and a cup of tea which warmed us up nicely.

Our next stop was at 10 miles in Leith which was organised by the Royal Hospital for Sick Children here in Edinburgh. The hospital my Dads and Grandad have done so much for with Jack Draws Anything.

We had donuts, juice coffee and lots of goodies. I met Rachel and the rest of the lovely ladies from the The Sick Kids Friends Foundation, who all made a great fuss over me. They all send their love to my Dads.

We then headed off along to Portobello Beach which is where the GGs stay and it was very tempting not to give up at this point (it was halfway, 13 miles) but GG–Eddie said NO we have to do the whole distance so we carried on.

We got a free ice cream cone at the next pit stop at the end of the Promenade which was lovely. Next pit stop was at Arthur’s Seat and after walking up the Innocent Railway we passed by Holyrood Palace which is where the Queen lives when she is in Scotland. We also passed the Scottish Parliament.

We were very tired by that time but were determined to get back to Murrayfield and when we eventually did, our spirits were lifted when we heard the bagpipes as we walked into the Stadium.

It had taken us about 9 hours but I had a super day with GG–Liz & GG–Eddie and saw quite a bit of Edinburgh. We collected our medals and headed off to the pub for a couple of drinks, tired out.

I got a medal and a cool certificate for all my hard work!