Miami, Florida, United States of America

Flag of United States of America Miami, Florida, United States of America
by Jonty (Ed, John & Zoé)

I didn’t spend long in Palm Beach Gardens as John, Zoé & Euan had other plans for me. We made the 70 mile trip down to Miami for a special journey (and my first) on a boat.

There was not much time to see Miami as we have boarded a cruise ship called Liberty and we are going on a Caribbean cruise!

Toby, Jack & Noah think I might meet some pirates so I am a little scared.

We shall be gone about a week (there is no Internet access on the ship) so I will hopefully have lots to tell you in a few days.

I’m on a Boat!

Ahoy there! Here I am lounging on the poop deck before we set sail on our Caribbean cruise.

Fair winds!