Golden Gate Bridge, Golden Gate Park & Ocean Beach, San Francisco, California, United States of America

Flag of United States of America Golden Gate Bridge, Golden Gate Park & Ocean Beach, San Francisco, California, United States of America
by Jonty (Toby, Jack & Noah)

Today I went to the Golden Gate Bridge in San Francisco. I came with my Dad’s, Toby, Jack & Noah, to see the biggest thing in the World! Ed and Rose came too. Its got 2 big giant pillars and its got these big fences which are no use but I can squeeze through them. And its got a big straight thingy, its also very noisy because of the traffic.

Toby, Jack & Noah found a mini version of the Golden Gate Bridge and put me on it. They simulated EARTHQUAKES and made me wiggle about.

Jack says the bridge’s colour is red but I know its International Orange, hee hee.

Here is my postcard I got, its a Golden Gate Bridge Fiesta, San Francisco, Official Pedestrian Day Souvenir Postcard (replica of 1937 original). Noah got the lady to stamp it for me!

Then I went to a Dutch Windmill in Golden Gate Park and we met Wade and Andy.

We walked to a second windmill (called Murphy I think), they didn’t spin round but they were very big. We tried to get inside them by hunting for the key but we couldn’t find it.

We then went to a playground in Golden Gate Park where I played on the big blue boat with Jack and Toby. I also played Frisbee with Ed and Noah. The swings were awesome and it was very sunny.

By now everyone was thirsty and needed refreshments.

We had a LONG walk to a busy coffee shop for a quick drink and then we went to Ocean Beach. We played in the water, on the sand and with sticks.

It was fun because Toby, Jack & Noah buried me in the sand. There were lots of waves and dogs at the beach. There was a dog chasing Jack round in a circle and he was scared. We also saw a Pug do a poo.

Jack wants a baby Pug now but his Dad needs convinced.

We walked for miles along misty Ocean Beach and then went to Burger King for lunch. It wasn’t the nicest place in the World but the sandwich shop next door was closed. Rose said it was yuck.

I had a fun day with Andy, Wade, Toby, Jack & Noah, Rose and Ed in the sunshine and the fresh air.

We came home and Noah had a nap in the car, so did I!

When we got home, Toby, Jack & Noah gave me a bath, ready for my big trip tomorrow.

I had a fun day with my Dads, I will miss them when I am away but I am going to write back all the time.