The Two Jontys…

by Ed

After Jonty’s disappearance last month, and subsequent regeneration, you may have noticed we now have two Jonty’s in circulation.


Toby, Jack & Noah have discussed this meta–crisis, but (for now) are happy for both Jontys to continue their circumnavigation.

On one condition. As long as they never meet.


We thought it might be useful to include a little update on where the Jonty’s has been since the split:

Jonty 1

Jonty 1 returned from Sri Lanka to his original destination of Belfast then onto Edinburgh (1 & 2), Glasgow and is now somewhere in the North of England.

Jonty 2

Jonty 2 was dispatched from HQ to Edinburgh to fill in for Jonty 1.

Destiny decided that he arrived on exactly the same day and at the same time that Jonty 1 arrived from Sri Lanka. Awkward.

They briefly crossed paths with each other but GG–Liz assures us they were kept separated. Jonty 2 then travelled back to San Francisco briefly before heading onto Pixar and now somewhere in deepest darkest Belgium.

Jonty L. Henderson — Earth’s smallest explorer, GO FIGURE!