Tiverton, Rhode Island, United States of America

Flag of United States of America Tiverton, Rhode Island, United States of America
by Mike Squatrito & Jonty

On April 6, 2013, a wee man named Jonty arrived at our home in Tiverton Rhode Island. Jonty was very excited about his visit, considering Mike is the author of The Overlords fantasy series. Jonty got a close-up view of the books!

Jonty was quite hungry when he arrived at Mike’s house and since Mike is part Italian and part Portuguese, Jonty was able to take in a wonderful treat — paella! When Jonty tried to tell Mike that he thought paella was a Spanish dish, Mike explained that adding spiced beef and chicken makes it Portuguese. It was a tasty dish either way!

Before we headed out for a little tour of the town, Mike showed Jonty his fish tank full of tropical fish. The wee man was quite impressed!

Jonty’s first stop was to visit Bristol, RI. Bristol is Mike’s hometown where he grew up and went to school. Though the weather was more than chilly and very windy, Mike took him to the famous Bristol Harbor, where usually there are lots of boats — not so much today!

Next we went for a walk to downtown Bristol. Mike explained to Jonty that Bristol, RI is home to the oldest Fourth of July parade in the country. Every year, thousands of people flock to Bristol for a week’s worth of parades, fireworks, concerts, and carnivals. The lines down the middle of the road are even painted red, white, and blue! Mike tried to take a picture of the lines but there was too much traffic.

Jonty said the Henderson’s should think about making a visit to Bristol, RI someday around the Fourth of July. The boys would have so much fun! P.S., that’s Lea, Mike’s wife, holding me up!

Mike took Jonty to a somewhat familiar landmark, the Mount Hope Bridge. Take a close look; does it look familiar to you? Well it should! The Mount Hope Bridge is a direct replica of the Golden Gate Bridge in San Francisco! Our bridge was built in 1924 but its painted green, not orange.

Monday was an exciting day for me, but before I get into that I couldn’t help but say goodbye to their cats, Jamie and Cali. They really took a liking to me — maybe a little too much!

I then went with Mike to the Tiverton Middle School to meet a class of eigth graders. Mike visited the school to kick off Reading Week. The students learned about writing, made monsters, and learned about me! The kids were so much fun and we were able to take a group photo. If you look close enough, that’s me in Mike’s hand! I’m going to miss all those authors-to-be!

Well, that’s all from Tiverton, RI. It was a fast but fun trip to the smallest state in the union. I’m off to Europe next — Northern Ireland to be precise! Goodbye Rhode Island, I had such a fun time!