FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

by Toby, Jack & Noah
1. Whose idea was this?
Initial idea to send a toy in the mail to visit his Grandma in Scotland was Toby’s. After that, everyone helped make it into what we have now.
2. Why is he called Jonty L. Henderson?
Toby, Jack & Noah wanted a name that had their first initial in it (or ideally started with). We used a Baby Name website to find a name that had a T, J and N. Hence his name is JoNTy. His surname is Henderson because thats our name. His middle initial remains a mystery.
3. Can Jonty come visit me?
Send an email to hq@jontysjourney.com with all the details and we will do our best.
4. Why is the website green, yellow & purple?
Toby, Jack & Noah all wanted the website to be their favourite colour so we compromised. Toby — ‘Hulk Green’, Jack — ‘Nice Yellow’ and Noah — ‘PUPLE!’.
5. How old are Toby, Jack & Noah?
5, 8 & 3
6. When/where was Jonty born (created)?
24 February 2013 in Corte Madera, California, USA
7. When did Jonty leave on his journey?
11 March 2013, departed from San Francisco, California, USA.
8. Are there Jonty logo badges?
Not yet
9. Toby, Jack & Noah — I have heard those names before?
Jack is the crayons behind Jack Draws Anything. Toby and Noah are his little brothers. He raised over £50,000 for the The Sick Kids Friends Foundation in Edinburgh by doing over 500+ drawings.
10. Has Jonty had any girlfriends?
Isla McDonald in Edinburgh, Scotland