by Toby, Jack & Noah

This is Jonty L. Henderson, he is our little friend that we created. Our names are Toby, Jack & Noah and we are 5, 8 and 3. We are Scottish but live in California.

We have sent Jonty round the World to explore and see things that we can’t. Do fun things and have fun.

If you have received Jonty we have written some instructions and rules to help care for him. Please try to follow them as carefully as you can.

  1. Always take care of Jonty, don't break him!
  2. Be very nice to Jonty
  3. Don't steal Jonty
  4. Take him to see the sights of where you live (people, places, he doesn't mind, be creative)
  5. Please take lots of photos of Jonty having fun
  6. Please write a little diary of his adventures
  7. If you can send a postcard to us, that would be cool (we can tell you the address)
  8. When your time with Jonty is over, send him onto his next destination (we will email you the address)

If you want to see Jonty on the Internet, please look here:

If you find Jonty and/or this letter, please contact us through his website so we may get him back, we love him very much.

Thank you.

Toby, Jack & Noah